Plan de reserva

Cloud-Rooms offers a booking plan and a color scheme that allows you to know whether some booking item is merely an inquiry, a booking, whether the guest has already checked-in, etc. Also in the booking plan you can see at once the status of the invoice - whether the reception has to hand over the invoice at check-out, whether the invoice has been paid, whether the inoice is still missing, etc. The System also supports internal confirmations of bookings, which minimizes mistakes made by staff.

Check-in, Check-out and Customers in House

A list of all customers that will arrive, leave or stay is available. This list also includes the invoice status and much more information that will help you manage your hotel.

Booking Via Your Homepage

Cloud-Rooms includes in all packages an Internet Booking Engine (IBE) which can be used by your guests to book directly on your homepage. All bookings are free of commission.

Channel management

Synchronize all your booking platforms with a channel manager

More revenue

A channel-manager will make it possible to offer all or almost all rooms simultaneously on multiple booking platforms, which allows you to have more rooms on the market and to find new guests easier.

Time Saving

By using a channel-manager, a lot of processes run automatically, which would otherwise have to be done manually:
  • You no longer have to update availability on the booking platforms, that happens automatically.
  • All data for guests and reservation details are inserted into the system automatically.

These channel-managers are supported by Cloud-Rooms

Price Management

Special price deals and price changes can be easily realized in RoomSoftware. In addition to standard prices for all room categories, special prices for companies and/or customers can be defined and it is also possible to define different prices for each day in a booking. It is also possible to define prices for specific time periods and also for specific weekdays, for example to create different prices on the weekend and on weekdays.

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