Hotel Management Made Easy


Functionality and customer satisfaction are our priorities. All the following basic and advanced features are available. In Cloud-Rooms you are also able to restrict access for every user to further simplify and streamline the user interface and also increase security.

In the internal Chat, users can send messages to all or single users. You can also define supervisor users who get a copy of the chat communication. The internal chat log is saved for more than 10 years. This way information can be exchanged, suggestions can be submitted, the handover can be systematized and instructions can be passed anytime in writing.
In the global search you can look up information by searching for customer names, companies, invoice numbers, booking numbers, dates.
Some hotels pay taxes unneccessarily, especially in Austria, but also in other countries.
The daily information stores important information for all employees, which is also included in the chat as a reminder.
A lot of systems need an IT-professional for setup or configuration. Cloud-Rooms allows you to configure everything yourself.
The booking overview not only shows the occupancy of your rooms but also substantial detailed information at one glance. Cloud-Rooms allows you to edit customer information, company information, booking settings, pricing settings and the invoice, all in one form. This means you do not have to constantly change views and can get the job done faster.
Additionally, a company (or any organization) may be defined for each customer. Customers are grouped by companies to facilitate invoice management, create better statistics and also to offer special prices for companies.
For every booking you also view the complete invoice information. It is possible to distinguish methods of payment, add additional items to the invoice, cancel invoices, merge invoices, split invoices and much more. The color scheme allows you to know at the first glance whether an invoice has been paid or not, or whether it is to be given to the customer on check-out or be sent by e-mail, etc.
The duty roster can be freely edited and also contains the number of check-outs and stays for each day to facilitate the cleaning of the rooms.
The cleaning plan is automatically set up for all necessary cleaning tasks, usually the manager only has to assign a person to each floor, which is done within a few seconds. Of course it is also possible to assign rooms for cleaning individually. The cleaning staff receives only the assigned tasks which is also statistically analyzed. The cleaning staff is also able to add necessary repairs for each room, which are then managed in a list. Additionally, every staff member is able to add a repair item by using the internal chat.
Laundry management allows to track the laundry that is going to and from external cleaners.
Cloud-Rooms offers a log that contains every write-operation. This allows you to know who did what and when. Who has entered a given booking? Who has approved a discount? When was the room cleaned? Who created the invoice? When did a problem appear? Who modified the customer data? .... This and much more is made possible in Cloud-Rooms!
A list of all customers that will arrive, leave or stay is available. This list also includes the invoice status and much more information that will help you manage your hotel.
All relevant data about a customer is stored in Cloud-Rooms and easily accessible. You can assign special prices for a customer and also add internal comments. Also you can easily view the history of that customer and data about all previous stays and statistics.
For every booking all relevant customer information, booking details with possible comments, prices and all invoice positions are available in one form. Bookings can be easily moved to other rooms and free rooms and usage rates are easily visible in the overview.
Special price deals and price changes can be easily realized in RoomSoftware. In addition to standard prices for all room categories, special prices for companies and/or customers can be defined and it is also possible to define different prices for each day in a booking.
In Cloud-Rooms there are several access rights which can be granted to users by administrators. Read-only access is also available.
Automatically a daily statement and a monthly balance is generated. Unpaid invoices can be managed seperately and E-Mails with invoices can be easily generated.
The system provides many statistics like usage rate and cleaning statistics. Some countries like Austria require unique statistics which are also available in RoomSoftware.
In RoomSoftware you are able to define air conditioner, bathtub or shower, lake view or any other property for each room or each room category.
In addition to the laundry management there it is also possible to manage a minibar with Cloud-Rooms.
Room categories can be defined freely.
Reports and data may be downloaded anytime.
Cloud-Rooms offers many statistics: Usage rate statistics, cleaning statistics, vacation statistics, and much more.
Prereservations can be entered that expire automatically after a given period.